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A trip for birdwatchers!  As said by ornithologists all over the world, The Gambia is considered to be a paradise for birdwatchers.  Over 500 species can be seen in The Gambia.

This is a trip, which starts in the early hours of the morning and first takes us to Lamin Lodge, which is located on the famous creek, Lamin Creek.  Here we stop for tea and coffee. 

After drinks we all get into dug out canoes and paddle through the creeks trying not to disturb the birds and surrounding nature.  This is truly a relaxing and enjoyable trip as the water and creeks are so calm and peaceful at this time of the day.

The trip on the creeks lasts about 1hour 30 minutes after which we head back to Lamin Lodge for a nice breakfast, which will be waiting for us upon arrival.

Nature Reserve…

Following breakfast we will rejoin the coach and head to Abuko Nature Reserve.  At the Nature Reserve you go on a forest walk and observation.  You visit a traditional educational center, while passing loads of wildlife and plants.  Many trees can be seen on your walk, which is very rare, to see today in our sub-region.

More than 500 birds live in the reserve; varieties of monkeys can be seen as well as crocodiles. Walking on for about an hour will bring you to the zoo where you can see   hyenas, reptiles, antelopes, bush ducks, crown cranes and many more animals.

You then have the chance to buy some souvenirs at the entrance and have a drink to refresh before getting back onto the coach and heading for your respective hotels.


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