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The day starts with an early pickup from the hotels taking us to Banjul to catch up with the ferry. A 35-minute ferry crossing takes us to the north bank of the River Gambia at Barra. Our first visit will be at Fort Bullen which was established by the British in 1823 for the abolition of the Slave Trade. There will be a guided tour within the fort premises and the guide will point out the strategic location of the fort and how it played an important role during the abolition of the slave trade.

Few minutes of driving takes us to Jerreh camp situated in the dense forest of Niumi, in the north bank region of the mouth of River Gambia. Upon arrival at the camp, we will be welcomed with local juice and a brief rundown of the day program will be outlined. The visit of the site gives us a chance to visit a black smith which is an iconic image of their village setting. The guide will explain the role the black smith plays in the community like making farming tools, domestic and kitchen utensils and jewelries. Visits will be made to the typical traditional village setting of mud houses and thatched huts, where today’s technology like laptops etc. means little.

Our visit of the village will be extended to the Palm wine and oil processing center. We will observe the processing of the palm fruit to a delicious Palm oil. This is a source of living for people that engage in this process and we will experience the demonstration of how they extract the palm oil from the palm kernels. The most popular vegetable oil, palm oil is used for food products, detergents, cosmetics and increasingly biofuel. A taste of the jungle juice or Palm wine will be experienced before proceeding to meet the Balanta Tribe.

This tribe symbolize the original village setting of mediaeval times, enjoys their livelihood for pig breeding and farming method. There will be a quick tour of their pig and chicken farms before driving back to the camp for lunch. Our final stop will be a family visit within the village; the visit can be made during the Safari.

A 20 to 30 minutes boat trip will take us on the river in search for dolphins. There is a great possibility of viewing dolphins but this is not guaranteed.

Return to the ferry at Barra to cruise back to Banjul and to the respective hotels.

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