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At Gambia Tours, we offer up a wide range of excursions all with our highly maintained and air conditioned fleet and professional guides.

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Senegal Fatalah Park

The Fathala Game Park is located at 12 Kilometres of the North of The Gambian / Senegalese border in Senegal.

You will be picked up early morning from your hotels to drive to Banjul, the capital city where we join the ferry to Barra and experience the hustle and bustle with the local people. In the reserve, you can enjoy the natural environment of the bush and get the chance to spot animals as zebras, rhinoceros, giraffes, monkey and many more.

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South Gambia Safari

Pick up from the hotels and drive to the first village in the South of the Country, Sukuta Village.  Here we visit the local fish/vegetable market.  This gives you a real taste of Africa and shows the daily shopping and selling of the local people, as markets are open every day and people in the Gambia always buy fresh food on a daily basis.  This is because not all people here can afford fridges or live in very rural areas where there is no electricity.

After visiting the market, we will drive on to Yuna Village where we will visit a primary school where guests will be brief on our education system. Later on, the driving continues to Uncle John’s local Palm Wine tappers. Here you will get a real taste of the Palm Wine (Jungle Juice). From Uncle John’s, we proceed to drive through the bushes to Samyang Village, where will be at the Paradise Beach for lunch, enjoying the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean. From there we drive to Tanji Village Museum where the natural history and traditional culture of The Gambia is presented in an interesting and accessible way to tourists, Gambians, local inhabitants and school groups. 

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Hey! Hey! Hey! Come with us and step into 5 centuries of history tracing the origins of Kunta Kinteh, The Gambian who was taken to the Americas.

This is another trip, which makes you meet fellow brothers and sisters from the Diaspora and also gives you a chance of visiting many historical sites.

Our first stop will be at Albreda, where you will see the freedom flag pole and also visit the slave museum. The essence of stopping here, is to explain how the freedom flagpole came into being, which is nowadays one of our national monuments since 1970.

From here we proceed ontop Juffureh, which is the village of the famous slave who was forced into slavery in the mid-seventeenth century; Kunta Kinteh. It is on whom Alex Haley has based the history of his best seller Roots, which retraces the event of the transatlantic slave trade. 

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Makasutu Day Trip

An early start is needed as the drive takes just under one hour to the Makasutu cultural forest. You will be picked up from your respective hotels around 08:00 AM.

Makasutu is a palm forest situated on the banks of a beautiful meandering tributary of the River Gambia (Madina Bolon), encompassing many different ecosystems including dense forest, savanna and mangrove regions.  The environment encompassing this forest is home to hundreds of varieties of birds, 3 species of monkeys, monitor lizards, pygmy deer, man goose to name but a few-and if you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of migrating baboons, that make the forest their home for a number of months each year.

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Jang Jang Burreh (Georgetown)

This is an excursion which takes you over 300 KM into The Gambia and it also gives you a chance of seeing most parts of the country and seeing very old monuments, the famous Stone Circles for example.

Our first stop will be Fort Bullen in Barra which is the first antislavery Fort built. The visit will be guided by a Fort guide who will give a detail history of the significance of the Fort. Afterwards, a stop will be made at the Wassu Stone circles where we explain the nature of the stone circles, their history and how they came to exist. From there we head to Kuntaur for a 4 hours’ boat trip along the River Gambia. Afternoon, we arrive to Jang Jang Burreh Camp where we will relax and dine and enjoy folkloric music by the villagers. The next day we walk around the camp for bird watching and animal spotting.

Jang Jang Burreh (Georgetown) is the name given to the island by a brother and sister who discovered it. Jang Jang Burreh is also the administrative centre for the central river division, which also has the office and residence of the commissioner. 

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