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Country Information

The Republic of The Gambia

Location: Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and Senegal

Geographic coordinates: 13 28 N, 16 34 W

Area: Total: 11,295 sq km, Land: 10,000 sq km, Water: 1,295 sq km

Coastline: 80 km

Climate: tropical: Hot, Rainy Season (June to November); Cooler, Dry season (November to May)

Time Zone: GMT


The Gambia became an independent nation in 1965 after 200 years of British Colonial rule. In the pre-colonial era, the country was part of successive African Kingdoms-the Ghana Empire and the Mali Empire. When these empires broke up, various Senegambian Chiefdoms ruled different parts of the Country

Resorts & Accommodation

The Gambia has an excellent combination of features, which together provide an excellent setting for a memorable and worthwhile holiday. There are four main resort areas in what is referred to as the Tourism Development Area-the palm fringed coastline overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. There are modern hotels of all classes as well as small but comfortable motels and guesthouses. Outside this area, there are exotic camps mainly situated on the banks of the beautiful River Gambia.


There is a large variety of activities designed to make your holiday an exciting and relaxing one. River cruising, fishing, village tours, bird watching, adventure trips, evening entertainment, trips to the stone circles and round trips to Senegal amongst others.


The also boasts an astonishing 570 species of exotic birds and is referred to as a bird watchers paradise. Visitors can also see a variety of tropical plants as well as monkeys, crocodiles and other wildlife. Dolphins and even hippos are spotted on the river.

People & Culture

The Gambia has a population of over 1.8 million people belonging to eight ethnic groups. The people live harmoniously in mixed communities, freely exercising their religious and cultural traditions. Gambians are known all over the world for their spontaneous warm smile, their peace loving nature and their hospitality.

Cuisine, Crafts & Music

Cuisine - Hotels and restaurants in The Gambia serve various international and African cuisines. Gambians have a variety of delicious dishes, which are mainly prepared with rice, millet and maize.

Crafts - There is a large selection of antique masks, carvings, jewellery, leatherworks, and hand woven fabrics to be found all over The Gambia

Like other African countries, The Gambia has a variety of traditional musical instruments and the most famous of them is the Kora-a 21 string harp. Music is an important part of the lives of the people and everywhere you go you see Men, women and children enjoying in the sounds of African music.

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