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Pick up from the hotels and drive to the first village in the South of the Country, Sukuta Village.  Here we visit the local fish/vegetable market.  This gives you a real taste of Africa and shows the daily shopping and selling of the local people, as markets are open everyday and people in the Gambia always buy fresh food on a daily basis.  This is because not all people here can afford fridges or live in very rural areas where there is no electricity.

After seeing the market we drive onto Yuna Village; our first stop in the villages will be at a school where guests will be brief on our education system.

The driving continuous to Uncle Johns local palm wine tappers.  Here you get a real taste of the palm wine ‘jungle juice’.  You are also shown a demonstration of how the local people tap the palm wine and make this very unique and strong Gambian beverage called 'zum zum' or 'fire water'.  If left out in the sun for 24 hours approximately the alcohol percentage can go up to 38%.

From Uncle Johns we proceed to drive through the bushes to Sanyang village.     

Our stop at Sanyang will be at the 'Paradise beach' for Lunch, enjoying the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean. You will have a chance to relax by the beach, soak up some of the Gambian Sun and have a swim in the ocean.  The atmosphere on this beach is nice as it is both quite and hassle free.

From here we take a drive to visit the Tanje Village Museum.  The Tanje Village museum is a unique place where the natural history and traditional culture of The Gambia is presented in an interesting and accessible way to tourists, Gambians, local inhabitants and school groups.  Here you get the chance to find out about the Gambia its different tribes and the way they live also about the birds, insects, reptiles, fish, plants and many other cultures that are present in the Gambia.  Tanje Village museum also promotes the traditional craftsmanship.  Different Artisans have their workshops at the museum and demonstrate their craft and also sell their high quality goods to visitors at a very reasonable price.

After leaving the museum we head to Tanje fishing village.  Here you get a chance to see the local people gathering their day’s catch and there is also a small market place where good are bought and sold.  The scenery here is quite beautiful with beaches and the fishing village combined.

A drive back to your respective hotels to end a truly relaxing and scenic day trip


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